My name is Graham Lee, I am the proud owner of this review site for PPCShortcut under the AffiliatePro101 branding. I operate a number of related websites under the Pro101 brand  covering Internet Marketing and other specialised niche topics.

I am a 61 year old successful business owner of more than 25 years, living to the west of London in the UK. At age 16 I left school with 8 ‘O’ Level grade qualifications and went straight out to work, starting my career in retail sales and retail management. I’ve also been an Ambulance Paramedic, a Dive Technician and Medic in the offshore industry.

My break into the Information Technology field came in the shape of a Freelance Graphic Designer and Apple Specialist when I forming my first company aged 30, providing Design services to a number of Advertising Agencies based in Newcastle, in the North East of England. Over time I progressed through various IT Support and Customer Service Management positions, specialising in Apple Software and Systems. During the mid 1990’s I also held the position of Customer Service Manager for Apple Computer. UK. In 1997 I formed my own IT Support and Project Management Consultancy, again specialising in Apple Systems and operated as a UK Limited Company. My company was engaged by most of the larger national newspapers in the UK, including the big four groups, News International (The Times, The Sunday Times, News of the World), Associated Newspapers (The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, London Evening Standard), Guardian Newspapers (The Guardian, The Observer) and the Telegraph Group (Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph). The company also held one of the longest running contracts to provide IT services to the second largest Pharmaceutical company in the world, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), a contract which ran for some 10 years.

I became involved in Internet Marketing around 2006 to add another income stream to my Consultancy business, and had reasonable success marketing information products online.

Unfortunately this all came crashing down to earth with a life changing wake up call, when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in May 2009 and during the following two years, had chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. Obviously all my business interests suffered greatly during my illness and the company was liquidated.

Having Luekaemia gave me the opportunity to revisit my life purpose. I no longer wanted to sit in commuter hell, travelling 1-2 hours to sit in an office for 9, maybe 10 hours per day and then return home exhausted. I wanted to enjoy life. Now that I am fully recovered, albeit with some residual effects of the chemotherapy, I am on a push to build an internet business once again.

AffiliatePro101 is a new website in the Pro101 brand, focusing primarily on Affiliate Marketing, so over time I will add Posts about Affiliate Marketing and other related topics as well as include links to some proven evergreen Products you may be interested in.