PPC Shortcut Review

When you start out in online marketing you try all sorts of ways to generate traffic to your websites and offers and one of them is most likely paid traffic. You are told that you can setup ad campaigns easily and quickly and run ads for a few cents and generate a ton of sales.

But the reality is that it is not that easy, you either fail completely or find paid ads expensive and very hard to setup. It takes a lot more time than you ever thought it would and lets face it, you got into online marketing to make some money, not sit for hours trying to work out how to setup ads, spend your ad budget in a few short hours and make very little money in the end.

Many times all this work and cost turns people away from using paid ads, they become frightened and worried that they’ll end up simply spending money for very little gain, so they look to other ways to generate traffic and paid traffic methods slip from their minds.

So if there was a massive shortcut to using paid traffic, without all the  hard work, without having to spend hours doing all the setup, where you could have highly successful ad campaigns up and running very quickly, that not only start making you money, but also add new leads to your autoresponder, would you be interested?

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Well this is where PPC Shortcut might just help you.

 What is PPC Shortcut?

In simple terms PPC Shortcut is a collection of done for you Pay Per Click campaigns ready to upload to your Google Ads and Bing Ads Accounts. But they are not just ordinary PPC campaigns, the developers of the system have selected the most popular and profitable Affiliate Products from WarriorPlus, JVZoo and Clickbank.

Not only that, they have also done all the keyword research, created a range of ads for each Product, known as mega campaigns, so that you can simply upload them to Google Ads Manager or Bing Ads Manager. This makes PPC Shortcut the must have tool to shortcut the process to setting up highly-targeted ads that will generate a ton of leads and sales using paid traffic. You don’t need any experience using PPC as all the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is upload the mega campaigns and start using them.

But is it really that easy and that good? Let’s start by looking at the background of the creators.

About the Creators

PPC Shortcut was created by David Cassar and Wayne Crowe.

Wayne started working online in 2008 and built a successful business starting with only a mere £25. He learned what works and what doesn’t and then built a successful business using only those things that work. Wayne currently runs a Solo Ad service where the traffic is probably the most responsive I have seen.

Wayne also operates a system online in which he takes complete beginners and provides them with all the training and tools they need to get a wide variety of traffic generation methods to work and help them to generate their first online income.

Wayne and David have between them managed over 2 million dollars worth of Google Ads, so when they create a product which implements the same Ads, Keywords and Campaigns that they have been using, it’s a fair bet that the product does what it says. They have also created numerous other top selling products in the internet marketing niche.

In PPC Shortcut, they are offering a totally newbie-friendly method for making money online. Inside the Members area you will get access to easy to follow training that shows you how to setup your own ad campaigns so you can get setup very quickly, all without a big ad budget. $5 is all it takes to get started when you follow the methods you will learn in the training.

And you don’t even need to find the right products to market, because you get access to 15 ‘Done For You’ PPC Campaigns, or Mega Campaigns to get you started. These are all for high selling products that will get you leads and allow you to start making money very quickly.

The price for all this is a very reasonable $13, Yes that’s right 13 bucks!

For only $13 PPC Shortcut offers access to never before seen training, time-saving tools, and 15 ‘Done For You’ PPC Campaigns you can use to make affiliate commissions in multiple niches as soon as TODAY.

You can get Instant Access to PPC Short by clicking here right now

But as usual in the IM niche, PPC Shortcut is marketed using a fairly deep sales funnel with up to 5 upgrade options.

So – Are the Upgrades really worth it?

Whether you purchase any of the upgrades is obviously your own choice. You only need the Front End offer to make this work because it includes all the training you’ll need and your first 15 Mega Campaigns. So to help you decide on whether you want to upgrade, let’s to see exactly what you are getting in each of the upgrades.

PPC Shortcut Exposed

We’ll start by looking at the Members Area when you log in.

Note: This screen shot shows everything on the left which would be available if you purchase all the upgrades. Obviously you will only see what you have purchased if you only purchase the Front-end and/or some of the upgrades.

Sales Funnel

  • Frontend: $13 = PPC Shortcut + 15 Mega Campaigns + Full Training
  • Upgrade 1: $27 = 3 DFY Bridge Sites
  • Upgrade 2: $37 = 30 Extra Mega Campaigns + Click Domination Bonus
  • Upgrade 3: $97 = PPCkit with Done For You Service
  • Upgrade 4: $147 = 4 PPC Training Masterclasses
  • Upgrade 5: $297 = New Split Testing Software + 1 Month Traffic Domination VIP Membership
  • Frontend: $13 = PPC Shortcut + 15 Mega Campaigns

PPC Shortcut offers access to never before seen training, time-saving tools, and 15 ‘Done For You’ PPC     Campaigns you can use to make affiliate commissions in multiple niches as soon as TODAY. There are also sections showing you how to join the Affiliate networks you’ll need and download links for Google Ads Editor for both PC and Mac. You will need this to upload your mega campaigns into.

The full Step-by-Step training will show you how to get started quickly and you could be up and running with your first campaign in a matter of hours.

The 15 mega campaigns including all the keyword research, testing, and more testing to ensure they are ready to start making money as soon as you set them up.

David has made sure they are 100% compliant with all the PPC networks, so you will not have to worry about your ads accounts running into issues when you run the campaigns.

Bonuses Include:

  • Bonus 1: Live training to make sure you get your 1st campaign set up in record time!
  • Bonus 2: Private Facebook Group – with a community of over 50,000 marketers already on their journey!
  • Bonus 3: 2020 Traffic Sources Guide with over 100 traffic sources outside of Google, Facebook, and Bing?
  • Upgrade 1: $27 = 3 DFY Bridge Sites

To get the best out of your Paid Traffic Campaigns you should be driving your leads to a bridge page, which is effectively a pre-selling page designed to warm up your leads and make them want to buy.  Also many PPC networks don’t like to see links that go directly to an offer or a sales link, they like to see that the visitors they are generating for you are receiving value.

By directing leads from your ads to your bridge sites, you will protect your ad accounts from any unforeseen issues. Many people do this wrong and is one of the reasons why they don’t like using paid ads. Do this properly and you will see a continuous stream of leads visiting your bridge site, which can only lead to more sales.

Upgrade 1 provides you with 3 DFY Bridge sites similar to this page ready built to optimise your leads. All you need to do is install them onto your website and direct your traffic to the website.

You can adapt these bridge sites for each of your 15 DFY Traffic campaigns by writing and uploading your own content. A good way to get started with your content would be to write a review of the product either by purchasing and using the product or simply by looking at the product website. In some cases you can add ‘/jv’ after the website address and the vendor will have some pre-written emails you can use as content. Alternatively when you get your affiliate link, there may be an affiliate page with similar information.

This upgrade also includes more Step-By-Step training which shows shows you how to upload and setup your bridge sites to get the most from them

  • Upgrade 2: $37 = 30 Extra Mega Campaigns + Click Domination Bonus

Want even more income streams?

Then Upgrade 2 is for you, giving you another 30 ‘Done For You’ Paid Traffic Campaigns for more best selling products, from Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus, which will get you even more results.

These 30 additional mega campaigns also including all the keyword research and testing found in the first 15 mega campaigns so they are ready to start making money as soon as you set them up.

The Click Domination Bonus is one of Wayne’s programs for Google Ads training.

  • Upgrade 3: $97 = PPCkit with Done For You Service

What is PPCKit ?

PPCkit.com is a system that works with Google Ads to build ad campaigns, meaning you can use what you learn with PPC Shortcut to build mega campaigns for any product you want or even to build more mega campaigns for the DFY products you already get in PPC Shortcut.

PPCKit shortcuts the building of ad campaigns allowing you to build your empire more quickly.

The Done For You Service will setup a mega campaign using PPCKit for any product and website you choose, so if you already have a product or website you could be getting more traffic and leads in a very short time.

  • Upgrade 4: $147 = 4 PPC Training Masterclasses

Exactly what it says 4 Pay Per Click Training Masterclasses to help you build your own campaigns and learn about Google Ads.

  • Upgrade 5: $297 = New Split Testing Software + 1 Month Traffic Domination VIP Membership

Split testing your ads is one the most important activities you must do when setting up ad campaigns. Split testing allows you to drop poorly performing ads and build new ones to keep split testing, so that you find the most profitable ads you can.

This new Split Testing or sometimes known as A/B Testing Software takes out all the hard work of manually checking your ad campaigns you are testing and provides automated tools to help you get it right.

One of Wayne’s programs is his Traffic Domination VIP Membership where his VIP members get access to additional advanced training courses and other special VIP bonuses.

When you get this upgrade you also receive one month free trial membership to Traffic Domination VIP so you can see what is available and maybe continue as a fully paid up member at the end of the trial month. This is not a cut down membership, everything is available for you to use for one month for free.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying?
  • Right Now, Paid Traffic Is Where It’s At…
  • It starts working fast and there’s no waiting for it to ‘kick in’ like free traffic methods.
  • It’s not as expensive to get started as most people think. You can get started for as little as $5.
  • It’s super scalable.
  • You can use it to get leads and make sales in any niche.
  • Once you start making money, you can add new campaigns and grow your profits as big as you want.

PPC Shortcut makes all of the above totally accessible to anyone, from newbies to experienced marketers. You can get started using the software very quickly and it provides ready made tools and mega campaigns to get you leads and start making money online.

I would definitely recommend this to newbies because it is so easy to setup and use, and to more seasoned marketers as it takes out a lot of the hard work required to setup profitable ad campaigns to your products and affiliate offers.

Click the link below to get instant access to PPC Shortcut now.

P.S. The special Launch pricing is still valid but I don’t know for how long, so don’t waste too much time deciding. Click on the button above now.